Our Mission

africanDRONE started with the idea to solve a problem affecting using drones in Africa:

How do we coordinate drone activities to create a seamless, vibrant community working across borders throughout Africa? 

Drone regulations vary widely from country to country, and very often operators and businesses are unaware or unsure of the legal environment. Moreover, local drone operators within each country sometimes struggle under the weight of unnecessary fees, regulations, and licensing requirements. 

africanDRONE is developing a network of members in all regions of Africa, to support each other, provide information, advocate for fair drone regulations, and act as service providers for international projects. It is a member-driven organization, not for profit, existing solely to support pilots and create a vibrant drone sector within each country.



We are developing a network of qualified, professional drone operators who we can support through information, newsletters, and job opportunities. Eventually, we plan to leverage our network to advocate for fair drone legislation in our respective countries. We are currently developing an interactive map of Africa with a list of member pilots and businesses to easily find a pilot or stock footage in your country. We also are developing technology tools to assist pilots with cost-effective ways to succeed in the drone industry. 

Owing to our expertise in journalism, we are also actively consolidating our position as a leader in drone journalism in Africa. We have ongoing projects in multiple African countries, publishing partners within Africa and abroad, and actively support drone journalists with direct grants. We also periodically host Drone Camps, opportunities to learn and network with the top drone journalists in the industry.