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We are an African non-profit empowering civic drone pioneers across the continent. 

We believe that drones -- on land, in the air, and under the sea -- give citizens powerful new ways to better understand their world and to improve public accountability.

africanDRONE seeks to empower local pilots through a self-help network that offers seed funding, skills development, resource sharing, advocacy, and networking opportunities for members. 


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We don’t impose ‘chapters’ on anyone. We rather work bottom-up, empowering local initiatives or thought-leaders by investing skills, resources and opportunities into them so they can thrive.

Our goal is to support the evolution of a vibrant and diverse drone ecosystem in every country in Africa.

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africanDrone can help you find a boots-on-the-ground professional drone pilot in your country, or connect you to a data expert in the fields of 3D mapping, crop health, site inspections, video editing, and much more.

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Secretariat: 84 Shortmarket St, 3rd Floor, Cape Town, South Africa 8000

droneLab: UhuruLabs, Manonge St, Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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