drone journalism tips and tricks

The africanDRONE Academy aims to help drone journalists, pilots and photographers make the most of their work, and learn innovative ways to use drones to tell compelling stories. 

We'll be covering a variety of tips, techniques and ideas to up your game, using case studies from actual stories and projects we've worked on. 

Some things to think about?

  • How do we define “drone journalism”?

  • Is drone journalism different than regular journalism?

  • What sets drone visuals apart from normal visuals?

  • Should “drone journalism” be an integral part of a newsroom?

Take a look at the videos and resources below and let us know if there is anything else you think we should cover!

Case Study: Smith Island
Working with 3D Models
Using Pix4D, Elevation models, GIF in Photoshop
Download the slide deck here

Case Study: Johannesburg CBD
Creating 3D Models from Screenshots
Using Google Earth, Pix4D Mapper, Adobe Lightroom & Sketchfab.com. 
Download the slide deck here

Case Study: The Infrastructure of Exclusion
Multimedia Storytelling
Download the slide deck here

Case Study: Detroit
Using Google Earth and Juxtapose to create historical and current comparison images