Drone regulations in Rwanda are very straightforward. Foreign operators may register their drones but they must be operated by a Rwandan citizen or a Rwandan business. Rwanda is considered drone-friendly, and several important drone-based operations are taking place there. 

The Rwanda CAA has very clear instructions on their website, including all the applicable forms to download and fill out for legal operation. 

The link to the RPAS section of the CAA website is here.   

We strongly recommend hiring a Rwandan drone operator for work inside the country, as per the law, and to help facilitate your permitting and importation. We can recommend reliable and professional drone operators upon request


SkyVector: Online aviation maps of the world.

AirMap: App created expressly for drone flight. 

How to read a VFR Aviation Chart: Written by the US FAA, this helpful .pdf (right-click to download) will help you understand the often-confusing world of aviation charts, which are crucial to planning drone flights. This site (which also has an app for your phone) shows the locations of all large airplanes in the world, which can be helpful to visualize flight patterns around airports and cities. 


NPPA Insurance Advantage: Unfortunately this policy only covers US drone pilots traveling to Africa, but they will insure your drone against loss from crashing and theft.