All Drones in Namibia (commercial, hobby or recreational) must be registered with the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). To register a private /hobby drone costs R1 200, commercial drones R4 500.

A letter of authorization from the NCAA is required before bringing the drone into the country. This should be done 60 days before arrival. In addition to this, a letter of Authorization for every single flight undertaken is required. Technically, you need to register your flight even if you are flying in your own garden. This letter of authority is valid only on the requested day and for one flight only.

The following regulations apply:

  • You are not allowed to fly at night

  • May not exceed 150ft altitude

  • Keep a minimum of 50m away from all buildings, people, vehicles etc.

  • You are not allowed to fly drones in National Parks (that means no flying in Langstand, the Swakopmund Dunes etc - these are in the Dorob National Park),

  • May not fly within 5nm from an airport, and maintain line of sight at all times.

  • More about these regulations at