Kenyan drone regulations have been published in October 2017. However, the method via which drones can be registered, imported, and pilots licenced is still ambiguous and unclear. The published regulations, which are similar to the South African regulations, are here.  

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importation and operation

The Kenyan regulations state that it is impossible to operate a drone in Kenya with a permit. All drones must be registered and approved by the KCAA. Kenyan operators must be licenced to fly commercially, however it is unclear how this will be implemented, as there is not yet any training organizations in Kenya. 

Importing a drone requires the approval of the KCAA. Bringing a drone into Kenya without a permit is risky. Kenyan customs officials at Jomo Kenyatta airport have been known to seize drones and hold them indefinitely. Kenya does not participate in the international carnet system. 

Operation within Kenya is governed by the regulations set out above. Drones are effectively banned within national parks, near airports, near sensitive installations (which include power lines and police stations), and over people. Since drones are effectively banned without a permit anyway, all flight operations should only be conducted by persons who have proper documentation. 

The Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority website is here


SkyVector: Online aviation maps of the world.

AirMap: App created expressly for drone flight. 

Notams List: Updates from the KCAA on temporarily restricted flight zones (note: this should also be integrated into AirMap). 

How to read a VFR Aviation Chart: Written by the US FAA, this helpful .pdf (right-click to download) will help you understand the often-confusing world of aviation charts, which are crucial to planning drone flights. This site (which also has an app for your phone) shows the locations of all large airplanes in the world, which can be helpful to visualize flight patterns around airports and cities. 


Fred Black Insurance has been recommended as an aviation insurance company. They are based in Nairobi. 

NPPA Insurance Advantage: Unfortunately this policy only covers US drone pilots traveling to Africa, but they will insure your drone against loss from crashing and theft. 

discussion groups/links

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